18 months of utter bliss

My son Conor (now 12) will consistently remind me that the first 18 months of his life were utter bliss. The good ole days of being an only child.  Now, don’t get me wrong he loves his two younger sisters.  But I think (kind of know) in his heart he would love to still be an only child. You must understand that during these first 18 months, it was Conor and Mama against the world. 

Let me take you back a bit. After spending a few years in America, Mick decided he needed to find a focus.  That focus came with the Missouri Army National Guard. However, with this focus also came with the reality of basic training and AIT. Mick left for basic training in August of 2008; Conor was just over a year old.  For three months Conor and I relied on each other for love and support.  Each day I wondered if there would be a letter from Mick to read to Conor.   

Finally, in October Mick was ready to graduate from basic training.  Conor and I packed up our things and headed to Fort Knox. I had never driven to Kentucky, let alone with a 1 ½ year old! Yet, we did it; and we made it. I don’t remember a lot about that graduation trip. I might have had baby brain since I was pregnant with our first daughter. Mick remembers Conor smashing the muffins into the hotel floor, me loosing my debit card at the PX, and us showing up a tad bit late for the graduation ceremony.  I just remember how happy I was to have those few days before AIT to spend with my husband and how skinny he was!

Mick went on to finish not only AIT in Fort Sam Houston as a combat medic, but also to complete a yearlong mission in Afghanistan with the 1138th Sapper Engineers.  Thankfully during his mission, there were now four of us in the house to provide love and support during his time away. However, I still think secretly Conor would have been happy if there had only been two. He would have said it was utter bliss.

Mick and Conor 2008

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