Have you ever Googled yourself???

Tonight, our kiddos thought it would be funny to Google daddy. Amazingly everything that came up about Mick O'Callaghan was either military or LEO related. This kind of shocked me. I do not particularly consider our family solely military or LEO oriented. We have so many more things we are involved in, activities we participate in, and things we hold dear to our hearts. 
Unfortunately, for many LEO families, right now they (we) are being classified as only a police supporter - grouped into this conservative, stereotypical group. You are either with us or against us! But, these families, these police officers, these LEO/military supporters have many more aspects of their life. Our family will always Back the Blue and appreciate the immense sacrifice required to trudge through these trying times and serve our community. However, I hope you will not judge us solely on our support of the Thin Blue Line.
So, if you Google Mick O'Callaghan -- you will find an article about him being named Soldier of the Year, about his deployment to Afghanistan, and (most exciting) about this new woodworking adventure. However, just know that there is so much more to Mick O'Callaghan and his family.



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