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How do we make them feel loved again?

Here we are 2020. No fortune teller could have predicted what was to come. I have not posted lately – mostly because of the current situation, and the anti-police sentiment that is surrounding our country.

I did not grow up in a military or law enforcement culture. So, when Mick decided to join the Army National Guard, I was a little taken aback. I learned to deal with the time away, including a 11-month tour in Afghanistan. When he returned and joined the police, I learned to deal with the nights away, missing sporting events, and sometimes feeling like a single parent. Now, this is not a stab at Mick, who was constantly working hard for our community; this is just the reality of a police wife.

Our family has now endured 3 sets of protests – Ferguson (Mick was National Guard), the Stockley protests (Mick on the bikes), and the George Floyd protests (again Mick on the bikes). I am sorry, but unless you are a military or police wife, you have no idea how difficult it is to send your spouse into these situations.

I was a teacher until recently. My favorite school was in an inner-city, primarily Hispanic Catholic school. Mick would visit every year for career day. The kids loved him! Officer O. – you are the best! How terrific for kids in the community to look highly on police officers!

Unfortunately, now, our police officers are being degraded, dehumanized, and destroyed. They are being dehumanized daily by not only the public but also by our politicians. How do we make them loved again???

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