This was someone important!

So, in the last few weeks, we have made 3 flags for fallen officers. Tonight, we prepare to make another one. At some point, I had planned on writing a blog about how emotionally hard it is to make these flags. Tonight, is especially hard. We are preparing to make a flag for Tamarris Bohannon's wife, Alexis. Ironically, Tamarris was shot on the same day that Mick and I attended a Peace March for the city of St. Louis organized by Ann Dorn, another SLMPD widow.

I have known Alexis since my early days of teaching. While we were not super good friends, we were friendly. We would see each other around town, at SLMPD events, etc. When her husband was applying for the police department, I remember her calling, and Mick offering encouraging words of support. At one stage Mick even let him borrow a black police tie. 

I cannot imagine the grief that she and her children are experiencing right now. I only hope that the next time I see her, I can just give her a hug and reiterate (what I hope she already knows) that her husband was a hero!

Whatever your political views might be, just remember each of these officers have families to go home to. Each one of these officers is a son, a father, a brother, a husband, an uncle, and someone important!

Our country is in such a volatile and divisive state. Now is the time to heal. I truly hope we will come through this stronger! 




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