Our Story

Mick O’Callaghan began his woodworking journey in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland where he loved to make custom-made gifts for friends and family. In 2005 Mick and his wife Leanne decided to cross the pond to be closer to her family in St. Louis, Missouri.

Once in America, Mick knew he wanted to serve his new nation. In 2007 he joined the Missouri Army National Guard as a combat medic and was deployed to Afghanistan with Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012. Mick was assigned to the 1138th Engineer Company (Sapper). They were deployed to RC south just north of Kandahar. The 1138th was deployed as part of a battalion whose mission was to conduct route clearance operations in RC south.

During his deployment Mick’s vehicle suffered 3 direct IED hits and 2 indirect. As a result, Mick received a Purple Heart due to injuries sustained during his deployment.  

Like many veterans upon their return, Mick had a difficult transition back to civilian life.  He couldn’t decide the best decision to move forward. Mick, a trained furniture maker, had considered opening a custom furniture business; however, with 3 young children at home he needed a more stable career choice.  Mick knew he still wanted to serve his community, so he applied to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to serve locally.

Mick has been a proud member of SLMPD since 2015. During the 2017 St. Louis protests, a fellow officer was injured during a riot, and a fundraiser was organized for the officer’s medical expenses. Mick decided to make two flags as auction items to honor the injured officer. The flags were seen on Facebook, and Mick became inundated with requests for similar flags. That’s where South City Woodworks was born. Stay tuned…the journey has just begun!


PS - Mick's the big one on the left!


Mick coming home!!!

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