Out the Window

So, this is our house...


We literally moved into this house the day before Mick left for training before deploying to Afghanistan for a year. We hadn’t even closed on the house, and the sellers let us move in early, which was unbelievably awesome! We had one day to move all our belongings, 3 kiddos, and 2 dogs into our new abode. When we viewed the house initially, we fell in love with the seller’s fridge. Might sound silly, but a super cool fridge can bring total happiness! It is no surprise that the seller opted out of leaving the super cool fridge for us. However, we pretty much had everything sorted out. New fridge was in the works; and the move was going according to plan. Enter my brother and sister…

Without letting me know, my brother, Sean, and my sister had decided that we needed a bigger fridge than I had picked out, so they would pay the difference to get a better model. Mick of course went along with this plan, even though I had measured our space! My brother and Mick brought home this bigger and better fridge only to find out it won’t fit through the door! So instead of helping move the ridiculous number of boxes into our new home, Mick and Sean spent the entire day taking off doors and trying to figure out how to get this fridge into our new kitchen??? However, once said and done Mick and I spent a lovely evening in our new home sleeping on a blow-up mattress.

I always laugh when I look back on this whole delpoyment situation. People talk about military wives, and how much they go through. At the time, I had a 1, 3, and 5-year-old in a brand-new home. I never really thought about how hard it was. I just focused on my kiddos and trudged on with life. However, every military spouse knows in the back of their head that something can happen. I bring you back to our new home…


You might notice with our lovely new home; we have a large front yard. The master bedroom windows look out onto the front yard, and we have long pathway to the front door. For an entire year, I looked out those bedroom windows to the long pathway praying almost daily that I would not see a person in uniform walking to the door.

We had fairly consistent contact with Mick during his deployment; however, there was one 10 day stretch where we didn’t hear from him. This resulted in many nights looking out that same window, hoping and praying for the best. We only found out after Mick's return this was the mission that resulted in Mick being awarded a Purple Heart. Their truck had been blown up by and IED; and like so many in the military – he was not going to talk about the mission.

Mick's vehicle after being hit by an IED.

After 11 long months, I thought the look out the window had ended. Mick returned and life continued. In a few short years Mick would become a proud member of the SLMPD. Unfortunately, now as a police wife, the look out the window still continues.

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  • I literally adore these posts…. you’re such a charismatic writer, and your sister loves being reminded of all the stories ❤️


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